One to One Specialists

Staff Call UK Ltd offer a dedicated One to One Service, and are current suppliers to the Social Services and Primary Care Trust in Hull and The East Riding.

Our One to One Service is available in Residential Care Establishments and Supported Living Accommodations and includes ongoing assessments of the client’s needs with input from the establishment, family and funding provider.  This coincides with a dedicated team put into place, handpicked to deliver a tailored service based around stimulation and motivation of the client currently provided with one to one funding.

This dedicated service ensures that the client achieves the levels of stimulation required by the funding provider which may not always be possible using contracted staff, due to time and number constraints within your own rota system.  Staff Call UK Ltd liaise directly with your company to ensure that the funding provider is given details records to highlight the time spent with the client and the care given.

Staff Call UK can also if required take all the responsibility of billing and payments through the social services or primary care trusts, leaving your accounts departments free to deal with the running of your establishments and services.